Brittanica Darrem Canis - Nikulka

Sex: F
Date of Birth: 24.5.1994
Died Date: 1.1.2006
Colour: Black/Tan
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
AmCh, DKCh Your-Hardt’s Son Of A Gun AmCh, DKCh Chess King’s Mastermind Frandee’s Forgery Frandee’S Federal Agent
Feinlyne Fetch And Go
Chess King’s Irish Spring AmCh Victoria´s Irish Dandy
Your-Hardt’s First Tanja Girl Jubill’s Fonzi Jubill’s Bold Eagle
Charpat’s Black Reflection
Two-Be Silvercrystal Jo-Bea’s Sir Gallant Lad
White Dream v.d. Cockerbox
Delicia Danako Baboons Black Teddy Bear Little Dopey Of The Loamy Soil Farm Luck Well Maybe From Tacoma
Love Girl v. Trabants Home
Baboons Gypsy Princess Beringens Made in Sweden
Top Brass Golden Gypsy
Tendance Unique v.d. Zwanekroost Charmin Charade Woodlane Dam Patch
Charmin Miss Carolyn
Black Angel Of Vricate Castle Look Around v.d.Meerval
Vricate v.d.Kamperhout