Charles Dickens Millenium

Sex: M
Date of Birth: 2.4.2000
Colour: Black/White
PRA: negativní / clear
Titles: CAJC,
Best Junior Dog
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Westway´s St Louie Slugger AmCh Rendition Triple Play AmCh Empire´s Brooklyn Dodger AmCh Terje´s Thunderbolt
Harlanhavens Heavenly Blizz
AmCh De Rano´s Desilu Am & Mex Ch Tagalong´s Macho Man
AmCh De Rano´s Molly Brown
AmCh Glenmurray´s Touch Of Magic AmCh Glenmurray´s Declaration AmCh Ging´s Alydar
Frandee´s Jazzercise
Glenmurray´s We Be Kool AmCh Frandee´s Joe Kool
Frandee´s Bubble Up
Int S N Sf Dk NordCh SfV-97 Bsg-98 Giffels Careless Whisper SV-94 Charles Dickens Mad Max SUCh Fiddle-Stick´s Makes M´Mad Fiddle-Stick´s Who Did That?
Triplemint´s Modern Millie
Speedwagon´s Mothers Little Helper NUCh Carillo Art Of Noice
NUCh NV-91 Speedwagon´s Forever Young
Giffels Aim At Colours NUCh Speedwagon´s Prime Time Fiddle-Stick´s Who Did That?
NUCh NV-91 Speedwagon´s Forever Young
Mistily´s Tan Temptation Disodil´s Iso Grifo
Triplemint´s Apple Annie