Hearty Hope Darrem Canis

Sex: F
Date of Birth: 21.8.2003
Owner: manž.Valachyovi
Colour: Black/White
Titles: CAJC
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents GGG Grandparents
Charles Dickens Millenium Westway´s St Louie Slugger AmCh Rendition Triple Play AmCh Empire´s Brooklyn Dodger Terje´s Thunderbolt
Harlanhavens Heavenly Blizz
AmCh De Rano´s Desilu Tagalong´s Macho Man
De Rano´s Molly Brown
AmCh Glenmurray´s Touch Of Magic AmCh Glenmurray´s Declaration Ging´s Alydar
Frandee´s Jazzercise
Glenmurray´s We Be Kool Frandee´s Joe Kool
Frandee´s Bubble Up
IntCH, MultiCH Giffels Careless Whisper SV-94 Charles Dickens Mad Max SUCh Fiddle-Stick´s Makes M´Mad Fiddle-Stick´s Who Did That?
Triplemint´s Modern Millie
Speedwagon´s Mothers Little Helper Carillo Art Of Noice
Speedwagon´s Forever Young
Giffels Aim At Colours NUCh Speedwagon´s Prime Time Fiddle-Stick´s Who Did That?
Speedwagon´s Forever Young
Mistily´s Tan Temptation Disodil´s Iso Grifo
Triplemint´s Apple Annie
CH Gilt Snowflake Darrem Canis IntCH, MultiCH Snowy River Valiant CH Snowy River’s Classic Rowingdale’s Genuine Jazz Juban´s Georgia Jazz
Low Desert Thanks A Million
Snowy River Phantastic Halltop’s Gallant Warrior
Flair-Rill Have Your Cake
Flair-Rill Have Your Cake Flair-Rill Fireaway Exotica´s The Masked Bandito
Seven acres Standout
Flair-Rill Piece A Cake Rexpoint Ripe Banana
Flair-Rill Crystal Fire
CH Balli Hluboký Nach Allex Danako Senrab’s Soda Pop’s Perrier Kaplar’s Kasanova
Senrab’s See What Soda Popped
Tendance Unique v.d. Zwanekroost Charmin Charade
Black Angel Of Vricate Castle
Ipsy v. Rheintal Laurim’s White Tail Rexpointe Reprint
Laurim’s Star Performance
Colored Flower v. Rheintal Laurim’s White Tail
Black Flower v. Rheintal