Last Sunrise Darrem Canis

Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 14.9.2006
Colour: Black/White/Tan
Co-owner: M+R Valachyovi
Titles: 2xCAC
2xRegional Winner
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Charles Dickens Millenium Westway´s St Louie Slugger AmCh Rendition Triple Play
Glenmurray´s Touch Of Magic
 Cheeky Challenger Int S N Sf Dk NordCh SfV-97 Bsg-98 Giffels Careless Whisper SV-94 Charles Dickens Mad Max
Darrem Canis Giffels Aim At Colours
Charles Dickens AmCH,FINCH,DKCH AmCh Empire´s Brooklyn Dodger
 Baby It’s You Homestead´s Maverick AmCh Homestead´s Maybelline
AmCh AmCh
Homestead´s Sofia Flair-Rill Trident
AmCh Homestead´s Whitney
S & Sf Ch Giffels Earl John Am Sf Dk Ch Homestead´s Maverick AmCh Empire´s Brooklyn Dodger
AmCh Homestead´s Maybelline
JuniorCH. Giffels Better Be Good Charles Dickens Mad About This Boy
Charles Dickens Hot ‘N Spicy Mistily´s Tan Temptation
AmCh Homestead´s Rosita AmCh Homestead´s All American Am GB Ch Homestead´s Eaze Cassidy Kid
AmCh Homestead´s Jessica
AmCh Homestead´s Waltzing Matilda AmCh Flair-Rill Trident
AmCh Homestead´s Honeymooner