Sex: Female
Nickname Narcissca, Naris
Date of Birth 26.1.2010
Colour Liver / White  (hnědobílá)
FUCO Clear (N/N) by parents
DNA-tested GPRA Cord1 Mutation
Field Trial
Titles 3xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xr.CAC, r.CACIB
2xVery promising1
Regional Winner
Parents Grandparents Grandgrandparents Grandgrandgrandparents
Calvdale Point of Law Sh.C.M Calvdale Blak To The Future Baldragon Back Again Cleavehill Sleigh Ride
Baldragon Broken Dream
Calvdale Take No Prisonders Calvdale Take The Stand
Moscodees Merry Maid
Calvdale Question Of Fact SH CH Calvdale Crimewatch SH CH Wadeson Inspector Wexford
Aus CH Coorigil Constellation
Carskip Somebody Told Me Via Calvdale SH CH Skilleigh Tan Sandy
Calvdale Chanting Bell At Carskip
GrandCH. Barecho Just My Style CH. Melverly Mystery Maker Clanach Crown Destiny
Whisborne Inferno Melverly Mystery Girl
CH. Inu-Goya Custom Cruiser
Whisborne Poco Loco Whisborne Intermezzo
CH. CH. Rowntree Knight Commander
Barecho One In A Million Barecho Ambitious Agent Nobhill Dark Piece Of Art
Barecho First  Cass Flair Jester’s Dancin’ Dirty
Nobhill Sheza Love Story